You can recover from chronic dizziness.

Ben's Success Story (MdDS)

Ben suffered from spontaneous MdDS and dealt with rocking, swaying, head pressure, light sensitivity, not being able to read, ear pressure, spinning, burning mouth syndrome, agoraphobia and a whole litany of other awful symptoms. After about 9 months of hopeless and despair and the symptoms getting worse and worse, Ben came across one of the success stories here on my channel and found a spark of hope.

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Sam's Success Story (PPPD & Visual Vertigo)

Sam was housebound, bedbound and completely debilitated at first. She suffered from visual vertigo, blurry vision, delayed vision, dizziness, horrible neck and shoulder pain, brain zaps, crippling anxiety, nausea, light sensitivity, burning eyes, difficulty seeing the in dark and more. After self diagnosing with PPPD after receiving no help from her doctors, Sam started down the recovery path.

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