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Here's what others are saying about the free Healing Chronic Dizziness course:

Maria MdDS

You were the first person to describe exactly what I was feeling as neural circuit dizziness, the only one that helped me understand and not fear my symptoms. I finally saw how my brain was not trying to ruin my life, that it was trying to communicate with me. I finally learned that by calmly looking at the symptoms, constant fear, hyper-vigilance and preoccupation, understanding it’s purpose and allowing them and not resisting them, they would ease. It finally clicked. I had read about it before in other sources but struggled to apply it. You taught me how to do it in a much easier way and it finally worked.

Sharize PPPD & MdDS

I have had PPPD-like symptoms (sometimes MdDS) since last year January 2021 and I've been stuck for what seemed like ages. I found your videos just this January and it helped me a lot especially in believing myself that I can fully heal. There are times that the symptoms come back and I just need a moment to accept and listen to what my body says and it really does work. Because of you, I am now a completely different person and I've changed for the better. I'm 18 and still have a lot of dreams so thank you very much for helping us❤

Cathy Chronic Dizziness

One thing that really helped me, was just having somewhere to go when I had questions or was stressing about my symptoms. You have so many great videos that it didn’t take me long to find one that either answered my question or gave me some necessary reassurance. And the fact that you’ve provided this for free is truly amazing. I can’t thank you enough!

Kitt Chronic Dizziness & Fatigue

I've been experiencing dizziness and extreme fatigue since March. I've gone to many doctors but no one seems quick to make any kind of diagnosis. I have ruled out some of the big medical things it could be but I'm not able to get an appointment with a Neurologist until December! So I had to research on my own and found your videos on Youtube and PPPD sounds like what I'm going through. After I finished your course on dizziness, I found that the somatic exercises helped the most. I still think I have other things going on but I'm fairly sure this was brought on by extreme stress and my brain went haywire. Your videos really explain all this very well and it calmed me down just knowing its fixable. My dizziness went from a 8 at the beginning of the course to a 2 at the end. Progress!

Jessica PPPD

After this course I have learnt that my brain has been interpreting even the smallest things as danger - things that I would never have even imagined would. It was a bit of a 'ah ha' moment for me - OK so that's why I feel anxious for no apparent reason sometimes. I can work with that now because I'm aware of why that's happening. This course has also provided me with some fantastic suggestions on ways to deal with my past stresses (feelings of anger, guilt and regret), and taught me that loving, forgiving and appreciating yourself is a vital part of the healing process. These were the big ones for me because I knew I had to address them, I just didn't know how, and it is something I will definitely be practising over the next coming weeks. Even just reading the material and having that additional support I felt made a difference to my perspective on reaching full recovery, and for this I sincerely thank you

Kelsey Chronic Dizziness

I am slowly getting better at detecting my stress response - because I know now that the dizziness was there years prior to my "falling ill" and I have been suppressing my stress response all that time. I was pushing my emotions away rather than leaning in which has lead to all of this. With your help, I have come to this realization and am working hard towards my full recovery. I truly believe it is possible - I have already seen a HUGE change and am so proud of myself for how far I've come. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering such an amazing resource for people to come to.

Melannie Chronic Dizziness

I am thankful that i found you Dr. YONIT ARTHUR, I am a Filipino and i think i have the same symptoms as i had read about PPPD or MDDS and unlike before my anxiety getting worse everyday..but now it lessen because of the knowledge you shared to us..Im grateful to have you and i know that you are HIS instrument in order for us to achieve Healing..Thank you is not enough..🙏

Carolien PPPD

I went through the online course in 1 week, I was so happy with the information! I recognized so much. And all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I learned so much more about PPPD than my therapist had told me.... you reassured me that I can do everything because nothing is wrong with my body :-)) So I start building up my walks again, but now knowing it's the best exercise I can do and with the support of your somatic walking video. Dr Yonit, I am so happy and grateful for what you do for people who experience PPPD!! You are a gift from heaven to me! Your videos are so motivating and reassuring that on bad days I watch a video of you to make me feel better again :-)) ! The brain exercise videos are very helpfull. You have given my life and my recovery direction again! So thank you thank you thank you very much!

Warren Chronic Dizziness, Tinnitus, Headaches

I have spent the last 6 months getting VRT, and although I feel it has helped slightly, it still wasn't fixing the internal demons I was facing on a daily basis. That was until I found Dr. Yo. She provides a clear understanding as to what's lying deep below the surface. For me it's anxiety, stress and past trauma from my childhood, and my profession as a police officer. This course has opened the door for me to explore places I have never been before. Since I started this course (about 10 days ago), Dr, Yo has helped me develop tools that I have relied on every day. Whether it's somatic tracking, parasympathetic breathing, or the link to Palouse Mindfulness (8 week free meditation program), these basic tools have helped me make significant changes towards the path of healing. In fact, I'm glad to say that I am in the first stage of recovery - HOPE! I know I've got a long way to go, and I know there are going to be more difficult times ahead. But if there's one thing this free course has shown me, is that there is HOPE. I can recover! I will recover!