As of November 16, 2022, 1,601 people have signed up for the FREE Healing Chronic Dizziness Course. I get SO MANY emails, comments and messages about how much it’s helping people, and that is why I am going to be adding a brand new section on working through difficult experiences & emotions.

Why add additional information on this specific topic?

First of all, it is clear from the responses I get to the course that many of you still do not have access to care from a professional. People from 50+ countries have taken the course so far, and unfortunately, in many places around the world, there are few (if any) professionals with experience helping people with chronic psychophysiological disorders, let alone chronic dizziness.

Second, while many of the other tools in the course are practical and easily actionable, people frequently tell me they simply do not know how to work through emotions. They get stuck while journaling, they get stuck in thought loops, and they often don’t feel better about their experiences after having talk therapy.

Finally, the latest research on chronic, medically-unexplained physical conditions such as chronic pain indicates that there is a very strong relationship between someone’s ability to feel and work through emotions and that person’s chronic symptoms. This is backed up by decades of clinical experience of those who’ve been working with people with these conditions for a long time, such as Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD, Dr. John Stracks, MD, Dr. Mark Lumley, PhD, Alan Gordon, LCSW, Daniel Lyman, LCSW and many more.

How do I get access?

You will be able to access the updated course for free- just make sure you’re signed up for the free course (link below). I will notify you via this newsletter and social media when the course is ready. You can also get earlier access in the membership community. The course will go live there first and I am already posting previews of the material.

What will the material include?

I am still developing the material, but the course will outline the basics step-by-step so you can follow it just like you have the other sections of the course.

There will be some additional materials that will be available to my membership community only, including checklists and updated journaling prompts. I am also going to be recording this section of the course as an audio version (with automatic subtitles when viewed by video, for those of you who need translations), which will also only be available to my membership community. And, as always, people in my membership community will be able to ask me questions about the updated materials in our livestreamed weekly Q&A session.

More info to come- make sure you stay subscribed to my newsletter for future updates!

What can I do in the meantime?

We are doing a lot of talking about this in my VIP coaching group and in my membership community. In VIP coaching, we are doing hands-on work with emotions every week. Meetings are on Tuesdays at 12 PM EST on Zoom and you can join any time (more times will be added as the group grows). I’m also posting previews of the material in the membership community, and the course will go live there before it is public. I’ll also be answering questions about it (and providing guidance!) in our members-only weekly Q&A livestreams. As always, the membership community is inexpensive ($12.99/month) so it is accessible to as many people as possible.

Thank you all for your trust in me. You can visit the Free Course page below to see just a tiny sampling of the many, many comments I get about the course and how it’s helped people. It is my privilege and mission to help as many people as I can for free and at low cost.